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bee shield stops colony collaspe disorder

Prepare Your Bees for the Winter with BEE SHIELD™

Use BEE SHIELD™ to protect and keep your Bees healthy this winter.  See the website for more information and ordering information.

We have invented an universal plastic bee boxes that could be the next step in the bee box design process. The material is made from DuPont Resin that is the best that the industry has to offer at this time, and we have enhanced the plastic resin by adding 3% more UV protection and Insect resistance. And, it never needs paint. The lid is flat for easy stacking with a textured non-slip surface and is foam filled foam for climate control. The lid locks on each end of the brood or super box that keeps it aligned on the box and prevents the “flying effect” in heavy wind or when moving boxes. The brood box has 10 frames and is a 9 and 5/8 box with a partition to divide the box in half. The sanitation issue has been resolved as plastic can be sanitized but wood boxes cannot.
Universal Bee Box from Shamrock  Single Bee Pollination Box from Shamrock

The advantages to this box are that it can have bees in it year round, thus there is NO storing of queen boxes and NO loss of wax due to insects or rodents. You can make late splits and run two queens in the box through the winter.

Queen Rearing: The box has four small feeders, 16 small deep frames and 2 dividers to make the box into a 4 section unit. There is four ¾” holes for bee flight, -1 on each side of the box. The holes have a spin cover that controls the bees’ movement in or out when bee lock-up is desired. The boxes bottom and ends have small vent holes for ventilation.

Single Pollination Box: Two queens can be used, one at each end or as a double box, by the use of a queen excluder.

Better Honey Production: You can use two queens in the brood box on each end with a queen excluder, keeping each queen in her section of the box. This allows each queen to pace herself of egg laying but keep a very full hive of bees while you add supers for the honey flow.

Universal Bee Mating Boxes from Shamrock Single Pollination Bee Boxes from Shamrock

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