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P.O. Box 340 Atwater, CA 95301    Phone: (209) 205-0193
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Shamrock S Pollination Services Inc.
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About Shamrock S Bees Team

Shamrock “S” Pollination Service, Inc., of Atwater, California was founded by Jerry Sullivan in 1972. Odd as it may seem, Jerry at the time was an Industrial Technology Instructor at Atwater High School but had side-line plans in the apiary business. His plans started to change from just having a few colonies after his son Shad developed an interest in beekeeping and worked for a commercial beekeeper for two years.

In May of 1992 Jerry and Shad developed their beekeeping operation into an apiary corporation that stood out from the “normal” beekeeper. This new direction involved acquiring fleet of trucks, new equipment and thousands of quality bee colonies. From then to the current day the corporation delivers a fast, reliable and timely professional service to a large spectrum of California growers and will continue to do so into the future.

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Shamrock S Pollination Service Inc.

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Shamrock S Pollination Service Inc.

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