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Prepare Your Bees for the Summer with API CARE

Use API CARE to protect and keep your Bees healthy this Summer.

Keeping honey bees as a hobby or to help “Mother Earth” is a family activity that is growing in popularity. People all over the world are becoming passionate about this work.

It is a proven fact that people need an enjoyable and interesting diversion from their daily lives. For many, their diversion is golf, shopping, hunting or fishing. But an increasing number of everyday people have discovered the enjoyment of back yard beekeeping and have involved their families.

At one point in time, every American household had at least one colony of bees for medical purposes as well as supplying the family sugar and wax. Perhaps in today's fast-paced society, we need to slow down a bit. One way to consider is to cultivate a bee colony. You may find that it acts as a relaxing tool, a productive way of connecting with each other more or perhaps as a way of enjoying the treasures that the bees produce. A gift of sweet honey from your bee hive is a precious thing.


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